Client Testimonials

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Our reputation is built on the people and institutions we represent, ranging from private business owners to leading investors and lenders.

At the conclusion of each engagement, we seek direct feedback from our clients across 10 key performance categories. To date, our team has achieved a 96% performance rating. Clients highlight our ability to increase the probability of success, speed to completion, and shareholder value. We take great pride in this achievement.

See what our clients have to say:

When we began our search for a banking partner, Capstone came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Throughout the process they were there to advise, assist, recommend and strategize. The professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge was a tremendous help in realizing our goals and we could not be happier with the result.

Leigh Marcus Executive Vice President, PCB

Capstone successfully managed the balance of identifying the right partner for Sedaru to accelerate our growth, while maximizing shareholder value, consistently taking these equal factors into consideration with every decision. This, augmented by the technical strengths to support our process with the understanding of our utility industry, made Capstone a perfect fit.

Paul Hauffen CEO, Sedaru

I am pleased that I chose Capstone to represent me in the market. The team’s professionalism and dedication were exceptional. Not only did they possess in-depth sector knowledge, they truly understood and prioritized my desire to partner with a like-minded organization.

Mark Stubits Founder and CEO, EBS Healthcare

Capstone was diligent and unmatched every step of the way. As a third-generation family business, certain things were not negotiable in bringing on an investor...Through Capstone’s hard work and diligent leadership, they were able to find the perfect fit for us and help us consummate a deal during trying Covid-19 times.

Dustin Rogers CEO, Rogers Mechanical Contractors

The Capstone team was relentless in pursuit of the most advantageous transaction and provided exceptional leadership, technical advice, and support that enabled us to achieve our objectives...We couldn’t have aligned ourselves with a better investment banking firm... first-class every step of the way.

David Lawrence CEO, Special Applications Group

This transaction enabled us to realize the value in the decades of hard work that have gone into building our business....The team at Capstone helped us anticipate and navigate the many issues that arise during a process like this, and we could not have reached the incredible outcome that we did without their guidance.

Michael Kirkpatrick Founder, Edgewater Technical Associates

Capstone was a trusted advisor throughout the entire process leading us to a successful partnership with Lithko in spite of the many challenges in 2020. Working with their team proved to be invaluable, and we look forward to partnering again on future projects.

Rob Pikus President, Pikus Concrete

The Capstone team did a fantastic job finding a great fit for Avenger even with all the Covid challenges in 2020...Without Capstone's expert guidance I would have been bogged down with all the things involved to sell a complex company. From start to finish a closing of 60 days is hats off to Capstone's participation.

Don Godsey Founder, Avenger Logistics

Capstone’s insightful industry knowledge coupled with their excellent attention to our needs reassured us they were the right partner. They also proved their expertise by keeping both sides on track when it was the toughest job in town.

Rick Oliver CEO, American Sentinel University

Capstone’s pedigree and thorough knowledge of the M&A landscape was present. The entire Capstone team made a tremendous effort to understand the uniqueness of SCI and provide the appropriate guidance and advice that directly attributed to maximizing the value of the acquisition...We definitely had the Capstone heavyweights going to battle for us.

John Ashton General Manager/Executive VP, SCI

Capstone was an excellent partner in helping Ei complete this strategic combination. They became an extension of the Ei team, providing critical analysis and advice along the way. Capstone’s support remained steadfast during the COVID-19 crisis, which paused, but did not disrupt, our transaction process.

Greg Cobb President, Ei Companies

What a great outcome, both for my family and for the company. Every deal like this is a journey. Our journey was made longer and more difficult by Covid, but the Capstone team was unwavering throughout. We very much appreciated their professional approach and personal commitment to getting a great result for our family.

Jim Mohead Founder, Inland Dredging

Working with Capstone enabled us to achieve an optimal result in all facets of the transaction. In-depth industry knowledge, outstanding process execution, and skilled negotiating enabled us to complete a fantastic transaction with a highly strategic buyer. We are very excited about the potential for accelerated growth and success as part of ConnectWise.

Kevin Prince CEO, StratoZen

Capstone was an excellent partner to work with. Diligent, patient, focused, and determined are but a few attributes that highlight our experience with the team .... navigating the process through a very difficult year is a testimony to their capabilities and to the strength of their team.

Tom Vossman President & CEO, Newterra

I have nothing but good things to say about Capstone Headwaters. If you are looking for a value-added banker to help you with your transition, I recommend Capstone. Their entire team worked tirelessly to help me achieve our goals. You will be well served to hire Capstone.

John Fallin CEO, O2D

We were impressed with Capstone’s team from the very beginning. They took the time to understand the company, understood the real value, and then they truly delivered. With their guidance, we prepared a package that made us ready to enter the market at auction, and ultimately, we found the perfect strategic buyer...Capstone made the process virtually seamless and I could not be happier with the results.

Richard Shor CEO and Founder, Sani-Tech West

The Capstone team leveraged their sector expertise and deep industry relationships to achieve a tremendous outcome for Sun Devil Auto, despite unprecedented market uncertainty during the COVID pandemic. Through a very customized process, Capstone Headwaters did a terrific job in driving value and striving for an optimal outcome for shareholders as well as our employees.

Tom Higginbotham CEO, Sun Devil Auto

Thank you to the Capstone team for believing in our company and representing us so well. The team did a fantastic job of revealing the value of our family company and matching us with a suitor who appreciated us. Their belief got us to the Dance, and we left with the best possible suitor. Capstone delivered! I highly recommend Capstone.

Dan Cooley Chairman of the Board, Western Forge

The Capstone team did a terrific job in representing Knight Enterprises and our leadership team in closing an extremely complicated transaction, right in the middle of a global pandemic.

Jeffry Knight Founder and Owner, Knight Enterprises

Capstone’s industry experience, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations were key to our success. The team’s attention to detail and problem solving allowed us to manage considerable deal complexities amidst an extraordinarily challenging market environment to deliver an outstanding result for both our equity holders and our employees.

Richard Mahler CEO, Revolution Security

I was blown away by the work of the Capstone team from start to finish and so appreciate all they did in creating this outcome.

Jonathan Leonard President, Lencore Acoustics

Time and time again, we both were just amazed at the level of professionalism, levelheadedness, and knowledge Capstone Headwaters brought to every situation. For us, Capstone was the tide that came in and caused all the boats to rise. We could not have done it ourselves.

William McDonald Co-Owner, MMi Sonora

I couldn’t imagine going through this process without the expertise and guidance of my investment banking advisors at Capstone. They were extremely thorough as they clearly and concisely laid out the options in front of me.

Steve Delalio Owner and CEO, EB Industries

The Capstone team worked closely with us through each step of the transaction process to identify and position with the strongest strategic partners and to ultimately achieve an optimal transaction. We benefitted greatly from the team’s industry expertise and transactional experience.

Walter Zuniga Managing Director, Backbone Consultants

The team at Capstone was responsible for maximizing our value in the market. They exceeded my expectations and most importantly found the perfect partner in Halo Branded Solutions.

Tom Savio CEO, CSE

We are proud to be working with this team. Their confidence in our company and their ability to understand our business is greatly appreciated. This financing will allow us to further grow our company. This is the second time we have used the team at Capstone. They are true advocates and really understand our business.

Todd Seufer President & Founder, Harmony Gardens

The Capstone team was great to work with; responsive, communicated well and delivered excellent results. I always felt I was getting the straight story which enhanced the trust factor between us. We were pushed to project a stretch budget early in the process which was great advice as we achieved it and got a higher valuation.

Chuck Dorsey CEO, Halo Innovations, Inc.

We appreciated the outstanding work by the entire team. We are amazed at their ability to work on financial statements. Capstone was involved in every step of the way and ensured progress was made daily towards closing.

Shri Thanedar, Ph.D. Founder, Avomeen

The Capstone team did an outstanding job handling our transaction; I am very thankful for their hard work...Their ability to analyze the deal and negotiate with the buyer was a huge benefit to us financially while allowing us to remain focused on running our business. We would not have made it through this process without them; I am forever grateful.

Frank Gazzillo Owner, Accurate Neuromonitoring

We are grateful for Capstone's outstanding professionalism in bringing together two great companies and managing the entire transaction process.

Sam Weiner President, EdgeCraft

We were extremely pleased with the job Capstone did for NANA – getting us excellent value, working through some complex issues, and closing the deal quickly. We’re very happy with the result.

Peter Reckmeyer Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, NANA Development Corp.

We were impressed with the Capstone team at the first introductory meeting. From that point forward, they continued to exceed our expectations. They lead us down a very successful path. I would highly recommend them; you could tell it was not their first rodeo.

Alan Weiss Managing Partner, Whitehouse Laboratories, LLC

They impressed us with their ability to understand, absorb and present a very complex company to prospective partners throughout the world. We thoroughly enjoyed working with their team through this process and could not have been more pleased with our selection of them as our advisors.

Gary Sable Former Managing Director and Shareholder, The Phillips Screw Company

The transaction realized through Capstone’s efforts resulted in a sale price at the upper end of Capstone’s initial estimate. I am thrilled to have had such a successful sale of my business and for the choice I made in hiring Capstone Partners.

Don Forrest President and Owner, FlexXray LLC

Capstone was a wonderful addition to our team. Not only did they find us the best possible options for our company, but held our hand throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Capstone.

Robin Barnett CEO, Park Bench Consulting Group

Capstone was an invaluable partner in the sale of Penn Foster. They were unrelenting in their commitment to securing a deal and remained balanced despite dissenting shareholder goals. They...became psychologists, mediators, and voices of reason all in one. Their temperament and expertise was a very rare combination. We look forward to a long-term relationship.

Frank Britt CEO, Penn Foster

I do deals all the time in this part of the market and it’s rare that I get to work with investment bankers like Capstone that both diligently respond to information requests and keep the deal on track in a constructive and helpful manner.

Brad Whitman Co-Founder, Renovus Capital Partners

Capstone helped us evaluate our strategic alternatives and find the right investor. They were there every step of the way helping us navigate the market and complete this institutional equity financing.

Rob Mossman CEO, ISONAS

Capstone was definitely the right banking partner to hire. They were tasked with a difficult sale in a very volatile environment and never gave up. Their fortitude and loyalty is something to be truly admired.

Bill Hillard CEO, BrightStar Education

We’d like to thank you for your incredible advocacy throughout our sale process. Your diligence in preparation and ability to deliver on every promise found us the right partner in RFE, who will take us to new heights.

John O'Connell CEO, Wind River Environmental LLC