Sep 3, 2021

Business Process Outsourcing & Contact Centers – September 2021

Enhanced Customer Experience Drives BPO & Contact Center Demand

Capstone Partners September 2021 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Contact Centers Industry Update is now available, reporting that the integration of customer experience (CX) solutions for BPO and contact center companies is becoming a permanent offering for the industry. While it began as a value-added service in response to changing customer needs in the pandemic, industry players are now shifting business models to obtain digital CX capabilities through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

BPO firms and their clients have been encouraged by the benefits gained through innovative technologies such as cloud computing and process automation. Global outsourcing service providers have utilized new technology to effectively address market challenges, enhance products and services, and manage talent shortages while lowering operating costs.

Also included in this report:

  • Which high-demand sectors are driving the diversification of outsourced back-office functions
  • How the M&A market has accelerated, supported by historical transaction volumes and a breakdown of highly acquisitive buyers in 2021
  • What attributes are driving valuations in the BPO & Contact Centers industry, complete with EBITDA purchase multiple estimates

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