Capstone FAS Team Provides Transaction Advisory Services to Arcane Capital Partners During Recapitalization and Acquisition Processes

Arcane Capital Partners, an independent sponsor, was looking to recapitalize a platform company with $40 million of additional financing for a bolt-on acquisition in the plastics manufacturing and tooling services sector.

Arcane engaged Capstone Partners’ Financial Advisory Services (FAS) team to provide buy-side transaction advisory services, including financial due diligence and Quality of Earnings analysis, on multiple acquisition targets as well as assist in marketing the refinancing opportunity to capital providers and investment institutions.

The FAS team developed robust financial model sensitized to evaluate various debt and equity structures for each acquisition target; created comprehensive set of marketing materials, and identified unique deal opportunities to appeal to the various debt, mezzanine, and equity markets, ultimately helping Arcane to secure the desired capital in less than 60 days.