May 26, 2022

VIDEO: Consumer Industry Outlook – A Wholesale Shift

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An Approaching Sea Change in the Consumer Products Market

In this short video from our international partners at IMAP, Ken Wasik, Managing Director and Head of Capstone’s Consumer Investment Banking team, gives his thoughts on what he expects to see in the industry over the next 12 months.

Full video transcript


So the outlook for the consumer products market for the next 12 months?

What is happening with the world, specifically Ukraine, is going to disrupt the supply chain even more.

It’s going to be harder to get product. There are going to be more and more expensive product, and so the real challenge for consumer product companies in the United States today is actually getting these products to the consumer at affordable prices. By far the biggest challenge. 

My market is the consumer products market in the United States, and the trend I’m seeing is a wholesale shift.

Our parents’ brands are not what kids these days are looking to buy. The younger generation is looking for their own brands that they associate with, that they believe reflects their lifestyle, which is 180 degrees different than their parents’.

And so what we are seeing is all the growth in consumer products is really coming from these new brands matching the lifestyle and the ambitions of a new generation.

That’s really a sea change happening right now. 


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