Sep 1, 2009

Capstone Partners Advises iStor Networks on New Investments

Irvine, CA – iStor Networks, Inc., a leader in high performance IP SAN storage solutions, announced that it had received the first tranche of a significant new investment that is intended to enable the company to expand its worldwide activities to develop opportunities for its high-performance storage controllers and its family of complete IP SAN storage solutions.

“This investment is intended to enable iStor to develop the sales and marketing channels for its existing products as well as to ensure that the company continues to advance the technology that has made the company a performance leader. We believe that this is particularly important now that 10Gb Ethernet networking is beginning to expand rapidly within end user environments,” said Shannon Ko, Chairman of iStor Networks. “As IP SANs move into the mainstream of storage solutions, we expect to see substantial new opportunities for these products over the next several years.”

iStor Networks is currently shipping three families of IP SAN storage systems based upon the company’s unique iSCSI ASIC which permits it to offer highly virtualized storage solutions that can take advantage of the full network bandwidth of eight 1Gb Ethernet ports or one 10Gb Ethernet port. These systems permit iStor and its channel OEM and partners to offer highly cost effective solutions for Small and Medium Business [SMB] storage applications.

“iStor’s ASIC is critical to its ability to offer a highly virtualized IP SAN solution which provides tremendous ease-of-use features without sacrificing performance or extensibility,” said Kevin Daly, CEO of iStor Networks, “It is also the primary reason we are able to offer our customers significant power savings and compatibility with both 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet environments today. With the new resources available to the company as a result of this investment, iStor will be well positioned both to develop the market opportunities for its existing products today and to continue to advance the core technology that will define the IP SAN market of tomorrow.”

iStor Networks, Inc., is an innovative technology leader providing IP SAN storage solutions to OEM’s, value-added Resellers and system integrators. The company’s comprehensive line of products addresses business-critical needs for flexibility, affordability and high performance. Headquartered in Irvine, California, iStor has established a global presence with offices in the United States, UK, and Taiwan.