Capstone Partners Advised TranSIC on its Sale to Fairchild Semiconductor

Capstone Partners advised TranSiC, a Sweden based Silicon Carbide (SiC) power transistor company, on its sale to Fairchild Semiconductor.

The acquisition provides Fairchild with bipolar SiC transistor technology with demonstrated industry-leading efficiencies and excellent performance over wide temperature ranges, and superior performance over MOSFET and JFET technology approaches.

“The combination of silicon carbide technology with Fairchild’s existing capabilities in MOSFETs, IGBTs, and multi-chip modules, along with our global access to customers, positions us to continue to be a leader in innovative, high-performance power transistor technology,” said Mark Thompson, Fairchild’s Chairman, CEO, and President.

“The performance levels achieved with SiC technology allow for much higher efficiency in power conversion. It also offers a higher switching speed, a feature that enables smaller end system form factors. Silicon Carbide technology is established in the market with a strong lead over alternatives in the wide bandgap area for applications that require voltages greater than 600V and demonstrates superior ruggedness and reliability,” added Dan Kinzer, Fairchild’s Chief Technology Officer.