Dec 28, 2021

Capstone Partners Advised Legend Smelting and Recycling on its Sale to Elemental Holding Group

Capstone Partners advised Legend Smelting and Recycling (LSR), a U.S. leader in strategic metal recycling, on its sale to Elemental Holding Group (the Group).

Headquartered in Ohio, Legend Smelting and Recycling sources catalytic converters and nonferrous scrap—including lead-acid batteries, copper wire, radiators, starters, and transmissions—from across North America, including Mexico. With over 40 years’ experience and facilities in Ohio, California, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, LSR leverages a full-service processing plant, an on-site laboratory, and strong relationships with refineries to operate as a U.S. leader in the sourcing and green production of strategic metals.

The Platinum Group Metals space has seen unprecedented price volatility over the recent years and to optimally price both the operating company as well as the on-hand inventory is a wheelhouse capability that Capstone’s Industrials Group is proud to possess. Closing the loop with the metals production chain makes the recycling space critically important to this and many other metals sectors. Capstone, in any market, is able to navigate the valuation challenges that supply chain constraints or politically driven trade policies create in the metals recycling spaces.

Mike SchumacherManaging Director, Capstone Partners

Elemental Holding Group is a manufacturer of economically strategic raw materials sourced via sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, including through the processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), catalyst converters, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and non-ferrous metals. The Group operates in 15 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. Elemental Holding is one of 18 European companies (others include BASF, Solvay, Umicore, BMW, Saft, and Varta) notified by the European Commission under the European Industrial Policy, which aims to create a sustainable mobility value chain in the EU. The acquisition of LSR strengthens the Group’s position in the global supply chain of critical raw materials and brings its total investment in the U.S. market to nearly $100 million.

Krzysztof Spyra, Management Board Member at Elemental Holding, commented, “by bringing together worldwide operating companies, we invest in the latest technologies to ensure that the production process of strategic raw materials is fully sustainable and follows the best ESG practices. Further strengthening our position in the U.S. market is an important step towards creating a global urban mining leader in the segments of strategic ‘green metals’ production and the recycling of PGMs, electronics (gold, silver, copper, aluminum), and e-mobility (nickel, cobalt, lithium).”