Feb 1, 2010

Capstone Completed a Principal Equity Investment in Thinking Phone Networks

Boston, MA – Capstone Partners LLC, a leading national investment banking firm, announced that it has completed, through Capstone Ventures LLC, a principal equity investment in Thinking Phone Networks (TPN). TPN is a pioneer in development of deeply-integrated IP voice and data applications in the cloud.  Capstone Ventures is the newly-minted merchant banking arm of Capstone Partners. The financing is to be used by TPN to fund increased sales and marketing efforts as well augmented research and development.

The Thinking Phone Networks innovative ThinkingSuite architecture transforms organizations by unifying onto a single platform a full suite of applications (Unified Communications, IP PBX, Mobile, Instant Messaging, CRM, Call Center), immediately lowering overall communications costs, and giving management unprecedented visibility into enterprise operations to drive better decision-making.

“Thinking Phone Networks’ hosted suite addresses fundamental enterprise business challenges CEOs, CFOs and CIOs face: How to contain and reduce costs while also improving overall productivity and enhancing competitiveness,” said John Ferrara, managing partner of Capstone Ventures. “Thinking Phone Networks allows these companies to move off capital intensive premise-based systems, immediately realizing significant communications cost savings. In addition, to gain the extensive, executive level visibility and actionable intelligence needed to make better business decisions.”

The Thinking Phone Networks delivery model flies in the face of traditional legacy-based, on-premise systems which are cost prohibitive, complicated, and feature walled-off tools. Because they are isolated and often proprietary, these tools deliver limited cross-functional value while introducing significant cost and management complexity into the enterprise communications environment.

In contrast, the hosted ThinkingSuite architecture delivers an entire suite of highly-integrated business applications. Included are applications developed by Thinking Phone Networks’ skilled development team as well as those from global third-party software entrepreneurs. The result: A robust, scalable platform which integrates hosted business applications across communications formats, including voice, email, and instant messaging.

“We are a disrupting influence, eliminating the long-held barriers to truly integrated enterprise communications and business analytics,” said Steven Kokinos, Thinking Phone Networks President & CEO. “We make businesses more competitive by offering high ROI, cloud-based communications services that change the game, upending the historical ball and chain of enormous upfront capital equipment expenditures, closed-end proprietary systems, and significant, ongoing maintenance and IT support costs.”

Thinking Phone Networks is helping revolutionize the way enterprise companies think about and use communications to enhance customer relationships and drive strategic business visibility, decisions, and results. Our cloud-based enhanced IP voice service and integrated business applications suite brings historically disparate communications infrastructure onto a single platform. All with capability, pricing, and cost savings on-premise systems cannot match.