Olivia Ferris Capstone Partners

Olivia Ferris

Chief Operating Officer

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Olivia joined Capstone Partners in 2012 and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Olivia is responsible for overall firm strategy, corporate development, partnerships, strategic initiatives, and investments. She is central to communicating, executing, and sustaining Capstone’s priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan.

Prior to her position as Chief Operating Officer, she served as Director of Strategy & Operations, Executive Director, and Vice President of Investment Banking Operations at Capstone, overseeing all banking activities for the firm. She continues to perform these duties in her new role, which includes being responsible for resource allocation, workflow management, and technology investments. In addition, she serves on the Board of Directors of IMAP, an international partnership of middle market investment banks.

Prior to the acquisition by Capstone, Olivia was a Vice President at Headwaters MB (now known as Capstone Partners) where she was responsible for all aspects of deal execution ranging from due diligence and materials preparation through organizing bids and management presentations to facilitating buyer discussions.

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