Apr 6, 2020

Capstone Partners President Phil Seefried Talks ‘Deal Market Amid Coronavirus’ in article by Private Equity Professional

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Denver, CO – This week, Capstone Partners’ President, Phil Seefried, was interviewed by Private Equity Professional regarding his perspective on the deal market in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. In the article “Nobody Knows Anything“, written by GF Data CEO Andy Greenberg, Seefried shares his view on the current M&A deal pipeline. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“According to Phil:

  • Deals signed but not launched – generally waiting out the current uncertainty. A handful of extraordinarily hot or timely categories are exceptions.
  • Deals in the market – mixed bag; some are taking a wait-and-see approach and others are moving forward but process timing is being extended. Even in this video age, most buyers want in-person management meetings, so easing of current travel restrictions is an immediate chokepoint.
  • Deals at or past Letter of Intent – many on hold while closely monitoring company-specific developments. Those moving forward are transactions: (a) involving strategic buyers; (b) addressing a mission-critical need or offering significant synergies; and/or (c) capable of being completed with modest or no debt financing. “

Read the full article here.

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