How To Boost Company Performance

Capstone Business Performance Improvement

Methods for Rapidly Enhancing Performance and Long-term Value Creation.

While every company faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities, all companies must continually anticipate, recognize, and adapt to internal and external challenges to be successful.  Whether your company is maneuvering through a changing competitive landscape, undergoing a corporate turnaround, or preparing for an acquisition or merger, the Financial Advisory Services (FAS) team at Capstone Partners provides expert performance improvement services utilizing proven methods designed to quickly improve your organization’s performance and boost its value. Our team will partner with you to understand your organization in its entirety to best identify, develop, and implement performance improvement initiatives across your organization.

Performance Improvement services include:

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Finance Performance Improvement
  • Human Capital Management
  • Information Technology Effectiveness

Organizational Restructuring: Capstone’s FAS team can help design and execute broad transformational and structural actions to accelerate growth and maximize sustained value creation.

  • FAS will help your company drive EBITDA growth by improving operational efficiencies across the business, divesting underperforming business units, exiting markets, or phasing out underachieving product channels.
  •  Profitable growth requires a results-oriented mindset, strong operational discipline, and a deep understanding of analytics. We work to maximize value capture from existing offerings while helping design new and effective ways to improve market penetration and maximize enterprise value.

Supply Chain Optimization: Our data-driven, collaborative approach to solving complex end-to-end supply chain problems prioritizes helping your company reduce costs, improve performance, and increase flexibility.

  • Our team can analyze the operational characteristics and requirements of partners, vendors, and suppliers to develop custom solutions to manage costs and generate operational efficiencies across the business.
  •  Strong procurement practices are a critical driver of both shareholder value and competitive differentiation. FAS will help your company build a supply base with a competitive cost and service profile to turn procurement into a strategic advantage.

Finance Performance Improvement: FAS will work with your finance functions to improve their overall performance by implementing and driving solutions targeting risk management, liquidity, and data analytics.

  • An effective working capital strategy is central to an organization’s operational health. FAS will help develop and implement working capital improvement programs that are designed to reduce working capital requirements and improve liquidity positions.
  • We work with existing finance functions to minimize financial risks including but not limited to foreign exchange, interest rate, and counterparty credit risk.
  •  More than ever before finance teams are expected to operate as strategic business partners with the organization’s other departments using data analytics and predictive modeling. The FAS team will help enhance your company’s analytics strategy to improve the effectiveness of your planning, budgeting, and reporting processes to enable better insights and controls.

Human Capital Management: FAS understands that people are the most important part of any organization and that an effective workforce strategy needs to promote growth and power continuous improvement efforts while also remaining committed to a cost-effective organizational structure.

  • FAS can use its deep understanding of key workforce performance indicators to help your business optimize its shared services and overhead operations.
  • Our holistic approach, which includes stakeholder analysis, training, and ongoing support helps expedite and reinforce performance improvement initiatives while also minimizing employee resistance.

Information Technology Effectiveness: From finance, to supply chain, to human capital, Information Technology is a crucial tool for all aspects of your organization and a key contributor to overall performance.

  • As your company’s systems age and tech debt builds, IT can begin to feel more like a burden rather than a solution. FAS will help your company respond to this challenge and ensure your company’s tech solutions are aligned with your performance improvement initiatives.




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