Rebecca Levesque headshot

Rebecca Levesque

Head of Marketing

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With over two decades of experience building and leading marketing and sales teams to drive new opportunities, as Head of Marketing, Becky oversees Capstone’s brand, external communications, digital lead generation, and prospect nurturing activities. She also serves on the firm’s management team, leaning in to contribute strategic, innovative ideas for increasing market share and revenue. During her career, Becky served as Director of Marketing for SHP Financial, a Massachusetts-based IRA / wealth advisory firm.  At SHP, she was responsible for leading the firm’s marketing, sales, business development, and client retention strategies and programs. Rebecca was also Co-Founder of a full-service advertising agency for the seven years preceding her tenure at SHP. In that capacity, she worked with local and global business owners to develop and oversee their long and short term marketing strategies, and served as a key advisor in many areas of their business operations outside the scope of marketing and sales.