Mar 22, 2021

Marketing Services – March 2021

Flight to Digital Drives Marketing Services Industry

Capstone’s March 2021 Marketing Services Industry Update is now available, highlighting how the rise in e-commerce, social media, and digital news has driven shifts in marketing and advertising to digital channels, accelerating the Marketing Technology (MarTech) and Advertising Technology (AdTech) segments. MarTech and AdTech’s emersion in the space has created competitive advantages over traditional marketing services providers, offering precise marketing solutions coupled with tracking real-time analytics for active campaigns. The sector has fostered significant investment appetite, positioning MarTech and AdTech firms as highly attractive targets for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) among strategic and private equity (PE) buyers.

Included in this report:

  • Why initial public offerings (IPOs) from technology-based providers are expected to rise.
  • A breakdown on what type of buyers are targeting programmatic MarTech and AdTech software providers, contributing to the resurgence of M&A activity in 2021.
  • How marketing analytics providers are adapting to the changing consumer privacy rights, and details on the adoption of first-party identity management solutions as opposed to the use of third-party cookies.


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