Jan 19, 2021

Health & Wellness – January 2021

Nutritional Supplement Demand Rises Amid Pandemic

Capstone’s January 2021 Health & Wellness Update reports that the supplements industry has powered through COVID-19 by leveraging e-commerce capabilities, which has been reflected in premium valuations, fueling what could be a positive merger and acquisition trend for business owners.  While the pandemic has slowed personal consumption expenditures it has also fostered a heightened awareness for health-conscious products as consumers have increasingly sought to boost immunity and overall wellness.

Included in this report:

  • Recovery of EBITDA multiples among top public companies as demand increased for health-conscious products amid the pandemic
  • Industry participants with robust e-commerce capabilities and sound supplier networks have captured sustained customer retention and sales growth
  • M&A activity has remained robust with 2020 transaction volume outperforming the previous year
  • Vitamins, minerals, and supplements providers have attracted heightened buyer interest from strategic players and private equity firms

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