Jul 14, 2020

E-Commerce Special Report – Precious Metals – July 2020

Capstone Partners has released an E-Commerce Special Report on Precious Metals, now available for download below. Recent volatility has unveiled the weaknesses of highly correlative and cyclical businesses while simultaneously illuminating recession resistant and opportunistic profiles.  As COVID-19 prompted consumers to shift buying habits towards online channels, investors have sought risk adjusted returns outside of severely battered equities.  Amidst this elevated uncertainty, digital trading of gold and precious metals has emerged as an attractive alternative.  Historically, gold investment has been viewed as a beneficial asset during times of economic uncertainty and offers several enhancements to a portfolio including diversification, liquidity, and a hedge against currency depreciation and inflation.  In addition to public company profiles, Capstone interviewed private company CEOs Ken Lewis (APMEX) and Sylvia Carrasco (Goldex) to discuss the impacts from COVID-19 and the future of gold.

The report content includes:

  • Emerging Trends
  • Macroeconomic Drivers
  • Flight to Quality
  • Private Company Spotlights
  • Public Company Profiles
  • Market & Operating Data
  • Notable Transactions
  • Gold in the News
  • Report Contributors
  • Consumer & Retail Group
  • Select M&A Track Record

To learn more about the report, please reach out to John Ferrara, Joel Schneyer, or Lisa Tolliver.


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