Jun 3, 2020

E-Commerce & Internet Retailing – Coverage Report Q2 2020

COVID-19 has presented macroeconomic pressures not seen since the Great Financial Crisis, with the unemployment rate near historic highs at 14.7% (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and consumer confidence at its lowest level since 2014, according to the Conference Board.  Top public players in the E-commerce & Internet Retailing industry have largely been able to capitalize on the newfound necessity for online ordering and fulfillment while combating challenges such as inventory management and workforce safety.  Capstone Partners Q2 E-commerce & Internet Retailing report is available for download below and includes the following content:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Segment Highlights
  • M&A Activity
  • Firm Track Record

For more information on the report, please reach out to Senior Director Lisa Tolliver.

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