José María Liberti

Senior Advisor

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José María is a Senior Advisor in the Equity Capital Advisory Group at Capstone Partners, focused on helping the team raise equity capital financing for growth-oriented middle market companies.  He is also currently involved in Point 72 Asset Management Academy development efforts. José María has a combined background of Corporate and Investment Banking experience in local and international assignments with special emphasis on private enterprises, closely held firms, and founder family firms.

Prior to Capstone, José María served as an Economic Consultant at the Argentinean Ministry of Economics, Work and Public Services. Before continuing with his graduate studies, he worked at Citibank N.A. as a Corporate Financial Advisor and in the Risk Management and Investment Banking Divisions in Buenos Aires and New York.

An award-winning professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, he teaches graduate elective courses in mergers & acquisitions, buyouts, corporate restructuring, and valuation and governance of family firms around the world both at the MBA and Executive MBA levels. He is also a senior research fellow at The George J. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at The University Chicago Booth School of Business, and a research fellow of the European Banking Center at Tilburg University. He has previously taught at a variety of other esteemed higher education institutions.